The Project

PLAnting CitiEs (PLACE) is a 2-year capacity building project in the field of youth which involve 5 partners:2 from Programme Countries (Italy & Slovenia) & 3 from Partner ones (Nepal, India & China).

Totally agreeing that social exclusion is one of the crucial problems & key challenge that affects today’s society, PLACE’s consortium fully believes in the importance to invest in young people to support community development based on three key dimension: social, environmental & economic.

At the same time, it recognizes the relevance of youth work to mitigate the effects of social exclusion among young people. Therefore, promoting social innovation tools in the youth field, based on non-formal education, becomes the main project’s challenge.

  • strengthen the role of youth work in the development of inclusive & healthy societies by promoting innovative & creative use of urban garden as multiple-goal oriented tool;
  • enhance cooperation & cross-cutting synergies between Programme & Partner countries to improve the quality & the impact of youth work in Partner countries;
  • develop new tools for the youth field through the creation of an open educational resource (OER) on how use urban garden in youth work.

The core part of project’s activities is based on mobility of youth workers & young people. In fact, the project fully believes in the importance of exchange & cooperation & giving the opportunity to do a mobility abroad is considered as an important way to promote a multi-level capacity building process.

In particular, main project’s activities will consist of:

  • 8-day training course (TC), involving 30 youth workers (6/partner), on how use urban garden as tool for youth work. The TC will allow participants discovering the potential of such environment to promote inclusion, healthy & sustainable living & educational benefits as well. It will be based on non-formal education methods allowing participants to recognize & valorize their skills and mainly permit them to transfer the acquired skills in their personal & professional life;
  • 5-month EVS for 20 volunteers from all partner countries. During the mobility they will be involved in gardening workshops & social inclusion activities of people with fewer opportunities, based on cooperative, active & experiential learning. The planned activities will contribute to foster their physical & psychosocial health & help building notions of living-together, collaboration & shared values. In particular gardening workshops provide opportunities to develop skills in leadership, community organizing, cultural competency & programme planning, implementation & evaluation.

The positive effects of such activities will of course fall back on the participating organisations promoting their capacity building, fostering cooperation between Programme & Partner countries & improving the quality of youth work approaches & tools.