Hi, my name is Purusottam from India. I spend my EVS mobility in  Palermo (Italy).

Why did you decide to have this experience?

I always wanted to be work as a gardener, because I love agricultural work. My degree helped to gain agricultural and horticulture skills, while the  experience that I got from work in my  city, has been the ideal preparation for a career in this field. I would relish the opportunity to be part of this project that works on my concept to learn more skills about gardening. So I decided to have this experience in order to learn more about gardening.

Tell me your first impressions once you arrived/landed in the hosting country

My first impression is amazing in the hosting country .because it is my first time in an European country and I m meeting a lot of amazing people and volunteers.

Which is your best memory of your EVS experience?

My best memory  in evs is “cultural awareness” because Cultural awareness becomes central when we have to interact with people from other cultures. People see, interpret and evaluate things in a different ways. What is considered an appropriate behaviour in one culture is frequently inappropriate in another one. Misunderstandings arise when I use my meanings to make sense of your reality and cultural awareness is the ability to recognize the different beliefs, values and customs that someone has based on that person’s origins, and it allows a person to build more successful personal and professional relationships in a diverse environment. It is my best memory because during my EVS I interact with a lot of volunteers coming from other cultures.

Tell me 3 words representing your mobility?

To Adapt a new environment; to develop my skills and my personality; to life changing experience

Finally, do you think it was useful? Why?

Yes. Urban agriculture plays an important role in the enhancing urban food security; moreover, urban agriculture contributes to local economic development, poverty alleviation and social inclusion of the urban poor and women in particular, as well as to the greening of the city. This is the step to fight with the food difficulties so it’s useful.