My name is Nika and I come from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I spent my EVS in a town called Guangshan, located in Henan province in China.

Why did you decide to have this experience?

I have known for a long time that I wanted to participate in an EVS a mobility for various reasons: I can learn more about a certain topic and gain experience, I can get the experience of living abroad for a longer time, and I get to give something to the world. I decided for this one specifically because of the location and language, and because I liked the topic – I am very interested in environmentalism and nature.

Tell me your first impressions once you arrived/landed in the hosting country

I realized that the Chinese have a quite different social and behavioural norms from what I am used to. I suspected it would be like this, but not the scale. I also noticed they were very hospitable.

Which is your best memory of your EVS experience?

Spending time with other volunteers and Chinese friends, having dinner and talking about anything.

Tell me 3 words representing your mobility?

Teaching, food, friends.

Finally, do you think it was useful? Why?

Yes. I think even if I didn’t learn as much about the topics that I expected before the EVS, I learned a lot about other things. I learned a little bit about working with children, working with people of other nationalities, overcoming language barriers and other problems.