Hi, it is Li Bin from Nanyang (China). I did EVS mobility in Koper (Slovenia) within Planting Cities project.

Why did you decide to have this experience?

I’m studying Biotechnology and I’m really interested in planting and gardening, I want to do something meaningful, I think this project is what I want. What’s more, I’ve never been in a foreign country, it a good opportunity for me.

Tell me your first impressions once you arrived/landed in the hosting country

Awesome, it’s the best place for me, such a green country, there is a lot of pollution in my country, so it’s good for me.

Which is your best memory of your EVS experience?

The on arrival training as I met a lot of volunteers from different countries.

Tell me 3 words representing your mobility?

Amazing, Education, Environmental Friendly

Finally, do you think it was useful? Why?

It’s very useful to me, I felt the different from the culture, I got some experience about gardening, and made some good friends. This experience will help me in the future.