My name is Ambra and I’m from Modena (Italy). I spent 5 months in Bhubaneswar (India) within the project Planting Cities.

Why did you decide to have this experience?

I wanted to discover a new country and its culture, and give my contribution in helping the association in realising its projects.

Tell me your first impressions once you arrived/landed in the hosting country

I had a cultural shock, everything was so different and hard to understand. It first it was very nice to meet lot of new people but I felt also very confused because everything was very confusing.

Which is your best memory of your EVS experience?

I had the possibility to teach in a slum school and it was so nice meeting all the kids that were so excited to meet me and learn something new. I made me feel important and useful, and I will always remember the kids with lot of happiness.

Tell me 3 words representing your mobility?

Confusion, challenge, discover

Finally, do you think it was useful? Why?

Now I’m much more aware about how I’m lucky to live in Europe, about how developed we are not just economically but also socially.