How to use urban garden as a tool for youth work


This Open Educational Resource is the main output of the project Planting Cities (Erasmus+, Key Action 2 – Capacity Building in the field of youth), a practical result of the project activities carried out by all the target groups involved in the project: organisations working in the youth field, youth workers, youngsters, local communities from Italy, Slovenia, India, Nepal and India.

Planting Cities in brief!

PLAnting CitiEs (PLACE) is a 2-year capacity building project in the field of youth involving 5 partners: 2 from Europe (Italy and Slovenia) and 3 from Asia (Nepal, India and China).

Totally agreeing that social exclusion is one of the crucial problems and key challenge that affects today’s society, PLACE’s consortium fully believes in the importance to invest in young people to support community development based on three key dimensions: social, environmental and economic.

At the same time, it recognizes the relevance of youth work to mitigate the effects of social exclusion among young people. Therefore, promoting social innovation tools in the youth field, based on non-formal education, becomes the main project’s challenge.

The PLACE goals have been:


Strengthen the role of youth work in the development of inclusive and healthy societies by promoting innovative and creative use of urban garden as multiple-goal oriented tool.


Enhance cooperation and cross-cutting synergies between EU and third countries to improve the quality and the impact of youth work in these countries.


Develop new tools for the youth field through the creation of an open educational resource (OER) on how use urban gardening in youth work.

The core part of project’s activities is based on mobility of youth workers and young people. In fact, the project fully believes in the importance of exchange and cooperation and giving the opportunity to do a mobility abroad is considered as an important way to promote a multi-level capacity building process.

Do you want to discover more about the project and its activities?

What is this e-tool?

This innovative tool allows to expand the learning environment and knowledge developed during the project, deepening its impact.

It targets any young worker and organisation dealing with youth and eager to use urban gardening as an educational tool and motivates to develop mobility activities, such as training courses and EVS in the non-formal education field.

In the following pages you will get information regarding:

  • meaning and definition about urban and community gardening
  • types of urban gardens
  • actors and risks in community garden
  • social, individual and environmental outcomes
  • elements of gardening: materials, tools, methods, type of vegetables etc.
  • how to involve the local community
  • how to establish a garden
  • examples and tips about training courses and workshops on youth and gardening
  • training courses and European Voluntary Services (EVS)
  • role and tips about the mentoring in EVS projects

Moreover, you will be able to add any information and know practices from around the world!

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